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Karagöz Sanat Evi

Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 78 10.400 Ayvalık/TURKEY


Agency founded in Paris, 1996, and based in France and Turkey

A recognized experience and expertise


Caféturc music & arts specializes in management, booking and artistic consultancy in world and contemporary music, and holds a unique knowhow in Turkish music. In 2005, Caféturc music & arts opened the Karagöz Center in order to invest the field of artistic creation in visual arts, stage arts and talks.



World and contemporary music


Management of Turkish artists in Turkey and abroad

Taking the pulse of Istanbul’s music stage, Caféturc discovers and promotes famous and upcoming talented artists of this global and ancestral megacity in Turkey and abroad

Booking of artists from France and elsewhere

The World is vast and people listen to each other. Caféturc organizes concerts and tours of artists from France and elsewhere, in Turkey, the Balkans, Middle-East and Asia

Artistic consultancy about Turkish music

Caféturc advises cultural structures and festivals in the development of innovative musical programs




Visual arts, stage arts, encounters


In 2005, Caféturc has diversified his activities in opening the Karagöz Center in Ayvalik, on the Aegean coast. The Karagöz Center  produces and organizes exhibitions, concerts, conferences, shows, and hosts artists in residency.



Caféturc produced…

Istanbul Project in Paris in collaboration with Cité de la musique and Salle Pleyel, 2007. Program: Erkan Oğur & Ismail Hakkı Demircioğlu, Selim Sesler & Techno Roman Project, Kardeş Türküler, Ensemble Byzance d’Athènes & Derviches Tourneurs d’Istanbul, Önder Foçan

Turquie : La nuit des maîtres (Turkey: The Night of Masters) in partnership with Maison de la Culture d’Amiens-Scène Nationale and Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, 2003. Program: Hasan Yarımdünya, Erol Parlak, Köçek Ensemble of Kastamonu

Quinzaine de la musique turque (Fortnight of the Turkish Music) in collaboration with Cité de la musique de Paris, Auditorium de Lyon, Festival 38ème Rugissant of Grenoble (Voiron), Scène nationale of Dieppe, Centre culturel Saint-Claude, 2000. Concert tours (Okay Temiz, Sabahat Akkiraz, Musa Eroğlu, İnci Çayırlı, Sulukule Ensemble, Birol Topaloğlu, Nilüfer Akbal, Elazığ Musiki Cemiyeti, Boğaziçi Quartet, Fotem), talks about Turkish music with the participation of Jérôme Cler and Sami Sadak, painting exhibition of Zehra Kaptan Aral and Cihat Aral


Zaman Production & Caféturc partnership for Gülcan Kaya tour in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland in 2006: Festival Voix des femmes in Antwerp and Liège (Belgium), ADEM in Geneva (Switzerland), Wereldfesst Utrecht Festival (Netherlands),  and in France Festival Les Suds à Arles, Institut du Monde Arabe de Paris, Festival Les Orientales de Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, Théâtre de Rezé, Théâtre de Vendôme, Festival El Qantara in Bourges, Maqam Lille


Concerts in the frame of Saison de la Turquie (Turkish Season) in France, 2009. Venues: Théâtre de la ville de Paris, Cité de l’immigration, Palais des congrès of Ajaccio, Scène nationale du Parvis of Tarbes, Les Abattoirs of Bourgoin, Scène nationale de Sablé, Le Cap in Aulnay Sous-Bois, Centre Culturel of Garges-Lès-Gonesse. Artists: Zülfü Livaneli, Selim Sesler, Derviches Tourneurs d’Istanbul, Istanbul Turkish Classical Music Ensemble of the Ministry of Culture, Techno Roman Project, Gülcan Kaya, Önder Foçan, Birol Topaloğlu, Ege Hi’Jazz Orchestra


Other venues and festivals where Caféturc’s artists were booked…

… in France

Babel Med Music - Dock des Suds de Marseille, Cabaret Sauvage, Scènes d'Hiver : Turkish Delight, CCR Les Dominicains de Haute-Alsace, CDN La Comédie de Reims, Festival Banlieues Bleues, Festival d’Ile-de-France, Festival Jazz à La Villette, Festival Les Escales, Festival Les Suds à Arles, Festival Les Traversées Tatihou, La Conciergerie de Paris, La Villette-Scène d’Eté, Le Lieu Unique-Scène nationale de Nantes, Maison de la Musique de Nanterre, Palais de Chaillot

… in Turkey

İş Sanat (Cesaria Evora, Bratsch,  Cristina Branco, Ivo Papazov), Yapı Kredi Music Festival (Juan Carlos Caceres, Salvatore Adamo, Candye Kane, Sœur Marie Keyrouz), French Cultural Institute of Istanbul (Ege Hi’Jazz Orkestra)

… in Europe

Sziget Festival (Budapest), CCB Fora de Si (Lisbon), Monaco (Centre des congrès, private event), Haapavesi Folk Music Festival (Finland), Half Note (Athens), Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music (London), Mittelfest (Italy), Evora Classica Festival (Portugal), Museum Kunstpalast (Düsseldorf), Mylos (Thessaloniki), Estate Musicale Sorrentina Festival (Italy), Festival Cap Suds (Belgium)…

… elsewhere in the world

SESC Sao Paulo (Brasil), Timitar Festival (Tunisia), Festival de Fès des musiques sacrées du monde (Morocco), Musiqat Festival (Tunisia), Festival international de la musique spirituelle (Tunisia)


Caféturc has also worked with these artists: Hüsnü Şenlendirici, Okay Temiz Magnetic Band, Yıldız Ibrahimova, Süleyman Ergüner Ensemble, Kumpanya Istanbul, Erköse Brothers, Nedim Nalbantoğlu, Knar, Hasbihal Ensemble, Nida Ateş & Seval Eroğlu 





Masterclass of Turkish classical and folk music

In partnership with Erik Marchand - Association Drom, the Karagöz Center organized a masterclass of Turkish classical and folk music in Ayvalik in 2014. 16 professional musicians from France attended the several workshops given by high level Turkish artists: Hasan Yarımdünya (clarnet), Elif Buse (vocals), Rüstem Çembelli (drums), Ergün Hepbildik (violin) and Necati Çelik (oud).


Kulluks of Nimri

The Karagöz Center has designed a project mixing contemporary art and cultural heritage in Nimri village in Eastern Turkey. Artists, teachers and students of several Turkish universities’ fin art departments participate to this project that will result in the production of contemporary sculptures which will bring out the cultural heritage of kulluks. Kulluk is a vertical structure build with stones laid one on the others and standing without any anchor. The structure seems like a human silhouette. For centuries, kulluks strew uplands and mountains of Anatolia. They symbolize complementarity, interdependence, unity and harmony, and still serve as a landmark for shepherds to guide themselves in altitude.


Ahmet Sel: People of Kabul photography exhibition and workshop

Ahmet Sel explores the field of documentary and portrait photography. His photographs are published in major international newspapers and magazines including Le Monde, Stern, Paris-Match, VSD, Figaro Magazine, l’Express, The Walrus, Corriere della Serra, Sette, Noticias, to mention a few. The Karagöz Center programmed his exhibition People of Kabul and organized with Ahmet Sel a workshop for young photographers.