The Contemporary Lovers of Mevlana Community is founded in liedership of Honorary President Hasan DEDE (Çıkar) in 1989.

The Community  aimed  to keep alive and promote  the enlightened philosophy of Mevlana Mohammed Jalaluddin Rumi and continued efforts in this direction until today.

Centre Karagöz  has realized numerous programs with the Community under the name “Derviches Tourneurs d’Istanbul” abroad.

Centre Karagoz offers two kinds of programs to cultural institutions with Derviches Tourneurs d’Istanbul Community:

1- Music and whirling dervishes program. It includes only one part. This group is composed 4 musicians and  4 whirling dervish (2 male – 2 female).

  1. Mevlevi Ceremony : The program consists from two parts. First part is sufi music concert.  Second part is the ceremony which is directing by Master Hasan Dede and attending 15 female/male dervishes and musicians.

Derviches Tourneurs d’Istanbul Community continues to promote with programs on the loving thoughts, tolerance, peace, unity and ideas of the Saint Mevlana Mohammed Jalalud-din Rumi under the spiritual guidance of Hasan DEDE.

Some programs of the Community:  Palais de Chaillot, Paris – Salle Pleyel, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes – Salle des Congrès à Monaco, Rimini Festival en Italie, Samothrace World Music festival en Grèce, Opatija-Pula en Croatie, Théâtre Antique à Bodrum,  Phaselis Festival à Antalya, Fez Sacret Music Festival.

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