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Karagöz Sanat Evi

Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 78 10.400 Ayvalık/TURKEY


Bilal Karaman’s


feat. Muhammed Yıldırır & Ramazan Sesler

Gypsy jazz


Özgün BORA

Baran SAY


Ramazan SESLER



double bass



Gypsy jazz reaches the banks of the Bosphorus and merges Anatolian tunes.

Bilal Karaman is considered as the best Turkish guitarist of his generation. He grew up in the cosmopolitan city, Istanbul, and came into metal, jazz, popular music, and sharpened a wonderfully eclectic style. His talent and technique quickly gain recognition and some compare him to the great Django Reinhardt. He then discovered the gypsy jazz, fusion appeared in the 30s between the jazz - whose influences are then felt in Europe - and the gypsy musics. Gypsy jazz is intrinsically open to improvisation and crossings. Bilal Karaman immerses in  this universe and enriches it with pieces from Anatolia: Greek sirtos, Turkish classical music, popular tunes.

With Manouche A La Turca, Bilal Karaman pays tribute to the great Django and moor gypsy jazz on the banks of the Bosphorus. An original work, an amazing fusion between gypsy-jazz school and Turkish music, and an incredibly agile and delightful performance.

Founded in 2010, Manouche A La Turca has signed an eponymous album in 2018, followed by an EP released last September.

Avid for encouters and sharings on stage, Bilal Karaman combines two virtuosos of the Istanbul scene, the violinist Muhammed Yıldırır and the clarinetist Ramazan Sesler.

Founder of Manouche A La Turca, guitarist and composer Bilal Karaman has traveled many scenes in nearly thirty countries. He has shared the stage with Dianne Reeves, Marcus Miller, Zakir Hussein, Aynur, and Hüsnü Şenlendirici, and is the author of four albums.

Muhammed Yıldırır started violin at the age of 7 and graduated from one of the best music schools in Istanbul, the National Conservatory of Istanbul Technical University. He is listed in Guinness Records as the fastest violinist in the world. He has founded and directed several orchestras and has developed numerous projects that encourage young people to practice music.

Virtuoso clarinetist, Ramazan Sesler's music is above all a family story. Heir of a musical tradition of three generations, Ramazan Sesler deploys a repertoire ranging from music of Thrace and the Balkans to Turkish classic makams, through the music of taverns of Istanbul. His album at Sony Music From father to son and his live project From father to son, an illustrious line of clarinettists perpetuate the legend of "Sesler".

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Manouche a La Turca Vol: II (2019), Manouche A La Turca (2018), Hayyam Sessions (2014), Patika (2013), Bahane (2011)