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Karagöz Sanat Evi

Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 78 10.400 Ayvalık/TURKEY





Rémi PANOSSİAN              

Maxime DELPORTE                

Fred PETİTPREZ               


double bass


Striking grooves, captivating melodies and energetic improvised moments… The modern jazz of REMI PANOSSIAN TRIO,  while creating unique melodies that could talk without ever being talkative, produce a living sound reflecting their emotions through complex rhythms. 

Having performed at numerous prestigious stages around the world -Tokyo jazz festival, Montréal jazz festival, Vancouver Jazz festival, Jazz in Marciac…- and realized 400 concerts in 9 years, this energetic trio never ceases to fly to new perspectives. Through this adventure at full speed, they collaborated with Eric Legnini and DJ Eric Lau for their last two albums as well. 

The ingenious narrative music of Rémi Panossian Trio takes the audience through a highly experimental and unique journey. RP3 appeals to a diverse audience; It can be described as a rock band that plays jazz or a jazz band that plays rock… 

Rémi Panossian, the young and productive leader of the trio, also performs the DO solo project and The Mirror: Nicolas Gardel & Rémi Panossian duo project.


Morning Smile 2017

Jazz Family 2015

Bbang 2013

Add Fiction 2011

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