Rémi PANOSSIAN • piano

Maxime DELPORTE • doublebass

Fred PETITPREZ • drums

Striking grooves, captivating melodies and energetic improvised moments…

The hallmark of this creative trio which has performed over 500 concerts all over the world on the most prestigious European and international jazz stages: Jazz in Marciac, New Morning, Tokyo Jazz Festival, Montréal Jazz Festival, Jazz à Sète, Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Taichung Jazz festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival, Vladivostok Jazz Festival etc…


The ingenious narrative music of RÉMI PANOSSIAN TRIO takes the audience through a highly experimental and unique journey. The band appeals to a diverse audience; it can be described as a rock band that plays jazz or a jazz band that plays rock…  


RÉMI PANOSSIAN TRIO released his 5th album in January 2020, IN ODD WE TRUST, which has immediately received very positive feedbacks on radio and digital platforms.

In the “February album selection” of French radio FIP

Seven Hills track in two Deezer playlists: Jazz for Work, Jazz Now

Vengeance Tardive track in State of Jazz Spotify playlist


Rémi Panossian, the prolific leader of the trio, also performs the DO piano solo project and The Mirror: Nicolas Gardel & Rémi Panossian duo project.

After 2 duet cds, many concerts, and great collaborations (Aldo Romano, Francesco Bearzatti, Pierrick Pedron, Rick Margitza…), Rémi Panossian began the trio adventure 2009 with Maxime Delporte on double bass and Frederic Petitprez on drums. Very close friends on stage and out, their unity is a wonderful strength for their music which has been mostly described as being both lyrical and energetic.


In 2011, the trio released the album Add fiction which got a great reception from international press and audience. The same year, the trio was selected as “Revelation of the year 2011″ by the French radio TSF JAZZ and was invited to the ”You and the Night and the Music” show in Olympia Hall, Paris.


The trio launched the 2nd album BBANG in 2013, acclaimed by critics as well. In 2015, the band released Jazz Family, produced and mixed by DJ Eric Legnini. The album took place in the “September album selection” of FIP Radio and the “TOP 10 French albums” of the Inrocks, and was broadcasted by France Musique, France Inter, TSF Jazz and many other radio channels.


In 10 years, the trio performed over 500 concerts in 36 countries such as France, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Taiwan, Canada, Norway, Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Portugal … The band was booked on prestigious stages such as Tokyo Jazz Festival, Jarasum Jazz Festival, Guangzhou Opera Hall, Taichung Jazz Festival (Taiwan), New Morning Paris, Montreal Jazz Festival, Jazz in Marciac, Jazz à Juan-les-Pins, Nancy Jazz Pulsation, Vancouver Jazz Festival, Vladivostok Jazz Festival …


After an amazing concept album in 2017 with many gests, Morning Smile, RÉMI PANOSSIAN TRIO released the 5th album entitled IN ODD WE TRUST, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the trio.


The new album tour begins now, starting in France. Then, en route to whole world.


Piano solo


Lover of melodies, Rémi Panossian’s lives are energetic, captivating, and organic (orgasmic).


Besides his trio project with whom he performed on prestigious jazz stages all around the world, Rémi Panossian presents a piano solo, “DO”. In this project, the artist expresses himself in a more direct and intimate way.


Do, the note do …  

Means the “island” in Korean, the “way” in Japanese, the “stone” in Tibetan,” to accomplish” in English ... So many meanings to this word, so many internal resonances to Rémi Panossian.


In Odd Ve Trust 2020

Morning Smile 2017

Jazz Family 2015

Bbang 2013

Add Fiction 2011

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