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Dance Theatre

Inspired by Walter Benjamin's “Angel of History”, ANGELUS is a dance theater piece that combines text, music, and dance/action. Gazing at past disasters while moving backward into the future, our protagonist wrestles with the unforgettable traumas, among which there is a father who migrated from his village as a boy and suppressed his shyness by becoming a bully in the city and an administrator who says, 'I would do it again if I had to,' about those he exiled from their homeland…

In this story, the archetypes of the personal and collective memory intertwine. The cruelty of Dumrul, who charges 30 coins from those who cross the bridge he built over a dried-up creek and 40 coins from those who don't, the loyalty of Boğaç, who saved his father intending to kill him with an arrow, and the legacy they left to the Anatolian-Islamic geography all rest on the shoulders of our hero.

While our character dresses up in a grown man's suit like a little boy acting, he swings between the past and the future, seeking the possibility of healing himself and a transmission purified from its infection across generations.

Duration: 55 min


Conception Bedirhan Dehmen, Ozan Baysal, Zerrin Yanıkkaya

Direction & Choreography Bedirhan Dehmen

Texts & Narration Zerrin Yanıkkaya

Sounds & Music Ozan Baysal

Performance Bedirhan Dehmen


Director of Production Hasan Ergün

Production Gazişehir Kültür ve Sanat Derneği

Co-Labor Biz Platform

Management Caféturc Music & Arts / Ekim Öztürk


Recording, Mix, Mastering Barış Manisa

Costume Design & Realization Selda Durna, Berfin İlhan

Lighting Design Bedirhan Dehmen, Demet Ergün

Photos Volkan Erkan

Poster Design Rahime Orak


Video & Teaser Director Aykan Dede

Camera Operators Görkem Çetinkaya, Orhan Çeker

Video Editing Anıl Akdemir, Berfin Yaşar


Supported by Sivil Düşün

Thanks Demet Ergün, Üzeyir Ulus, Mihran Tomasyan, Gamze Karaca, Theaterforum Taklit, Boa Sahne / Aytekin Atabey

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Recent and upcoming shows

Odenwald - Michelstadt - Breuberg (3 shows in Frankfurt/Germany), Moda Sahnesi (Istanbul), Mordem Sanat (Diyarbakir/Türkiye), Saint Bedros Church (Gaziantep/Türkiye. Gazişehir Theatre Festival), Elele’İz Culture Festival (Mardin/Türkiye)

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